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Our History

History of First Church of Wyandanch Ministries, Inc.

November 15, 1956, Rev. Moses Robinson Jr. and a band of believers in Christ, met at 1305 Straight Path, Wyandanch, New York for the purpose of organizing a Mission.  The name First Baptist Mission was suggested and accepted.  The Church was incorporated October 28, 1957.  On June 24, 1959, the New York State Baptist Recognizing Council met, and accepted the Mission as a regular and independent Baptist Church.  Instead of Mission, the name was changed to First Baptist Church.
The building of the church was completed in stages.  The basement was finished in 1964 and the upper level in 1975.
On May 29, 1981 the mortgage was paid in full and the Corner Stone was laid on June 14, 1981.
On January 12, 1983 Rev. Robinson departed this life and the Assistant Pastor, Rev. Charlie L. Ridley succeeded him and served as Pastor until his death on June 20, 1991.
In June of 1992, God called Rev. Michael V. Talbert to Pastor First Baptist Church.
Under Pastor Talbert's leadership, we continue to build in the community of Wyandanch and establish churches world wide.
On Wednesday, October 25, 2000, the Official Board met and approved changing the name of the church from First Baptist Church of Wyandanch, Inc. to First Church of Wyandanch Ministries, Inc.  At the Church Business Meeting held on October 26, 2000, the membership enthusiastically voted to change the name From First Baptist Church to First Church of Wyandanch Ministries, Inc.
On June 27, 2004 Rev. Michael V. Talbert, Sr. received his consecration through the laying on of hands to the office of Bishop.  Having been publicly set apart, Bishop Michael V. Talbert, Sr. joins those whom God calls to serve the greater Church.

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